Question about child care


I am currently paying child support for one 3yr old child. the mother has sole custody and has recently requested the agreement be modified because she has a new job. her income has increased and she now has an increased child care payment. our total gross income is 4,962 and she is requesting i pay for child care that will cost $1300/month

i have found several examples of more affordable child care ($300- 500 cheaper per month) in the area and consider the child care cost that she is requesting to be out of our price ranges, given our incomes.

my question: would the court consider this (one of the highest child care costs in the area) to be unreasonable given our total gross income?

also, if not unreasonable at what point would it be considered as such? obviously paying this amount is a hardship for me.


The court would consider the cost of the child care, and can compare it to other day-care centers in the area. I cannot say what any one judge would consider reasonable or unreasonable.