Question about unmarried child custody


My current girlfriend has a 5 year old son with another man… They are currently separated (and were never married) with no custody order but she was a stay at home mom for all 5 years of the childs life, and since they have been separated, she has been living at her moms and working, paying her OWN daycare cost and just letting the dad see the child every weekend or so (he gives her $50 when he can), now she is pregnant with my child (almost 5 months)…
He verbally agreed to let her and the 5 year old move to Georgia with me and we said we would meet him half way to see his child every other weekend… (I have a house with no mortgage payment, a good job, and the schools are 10 times better than what her 5 year old would attend in NC) , but has recently ‘changed his mind’ and has been harassing myself and my father (I have taped phone conversations with death threats, and voice mails he has left).
We have consulted a lawyer there in charlotte, and have been quoted what I believe to be a high price ($5000) for just starting this process of getting custody and and order to let her move out of the state (i am 3 hrs from charlotte)…
few questions:

(I know you probbaly don’t want to touch THIS question with a 10 ft pole… BUT…

  1. Does $5000 seem a little high for a retainer on a custody case?
  2. What steps should i take to document these harassing phone calls and death threats where they can be brought up in court when the hearing DOES go down?

Thanks in Advance for your help…
-Worried in GA


I actually do not think 5000 is an unreasonable retainer to begin a custody case that involves relocation.
I suggest you do not answer the phone and save all harassing messages.