Thank you for your excellent forum.

I am 1.5 years from seperation, with pending final. Have a daughter (17) that is torn apart due to her mother absconding to another state with her about a year ago, establishing residence there in that state. Custody was not changed, but visitation “Agreement” was made, which has been loosley complied with, until this 1 month prior to upcoming ED/Alim trials.

I was urged by this forum to file an Emerg Cust Order over a year ago, but I did not do so due to former local atty advice (he did not expect them to move), which has turned out disasterous for me and my daughter. Now stbx is planning on having daughter attend ED/Alim trials with her, and daughter believes I forced them to leave state, abandonment, that the mother “needs” her to attend the trails, etc, and is just torn up emotionally. Daughter and I have a strong relationship, but she is seriously compromised on her perspective at this point.

I guess my question is, since my child is so close to 18, yet so disgracefully influenced by alienating parent, but emotionally inseparable from her, what advice would you have at this late hour?

I am not sure what you are asking, my advice on whether you should pursue custody at this point?

I am sorry I am not more clear. Custody advice or other course of action. It seems a bit late to reckon with custody, as my dau is 18 in a few months. Am I wrong?

I just want to be sure I am not missing some course of action that I should be considering, rather than just “allowing” things (trials, false accusations, and parental alienations) to continue.

Thank you.

Unfortunately , if you tried to move forward on the custody issue, the matter would not be heard for at least a few months at which time the matter would be moot.