Questions about payments, fees and calculations

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Thanks for the help.

Yes, I do suggest you begin paying support, the estimated amount is fine for now. You may factor in your travel expenses as an extraordinary expense, just keep in mind that the court may not do so in the formal calculation (based on the judge’s discretion).
You may be ordered to pay her attorney’s fees, or a portion of the same, depending on the judge’s view of the facts.

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One more question:

If the courts do not determine that the mileage is an extraordinary expense and she sues for back child support, will we have to pay the difference or will it be considered a good faith assumption and we just pay the new amount from that point forward?

Odd that we would pay attorney’s fees when we can’t afford an attorney on our own which is why we are pro se.

If you are already under order or agreement to pay support, you must continue to pay that amount until support is modified.

Thanks again for the quick response, Erin.

You are very welcome.