Questions on debt and temporary spousal support

I had a restraining order put on my husband and when he finally received his first papers of letting him know about going to court over it he chose not to show up. The judge ordered him to pay me $100 a month for temporary spousal support. How do I add that to the divorce? Also when we got evitced from a trailer in nc the judgment went on both of credit reports. I have almost paid off the judgment from the last. How can I make him liable to pay that one plus another debt that went on my credit report that he was suppose to help me pay?

You will need to file a claim for alimony to address the issue of ongoing support as well as a claim for equitable distribution to address the issue of the debts and to get credit for paying those.

Where do I go to file for alimony and equatiable distribution?

You have to file your complaint with the court. Venue is most appropriate in the county in which you live or where the other party resides.

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