Questions re: Rosen Online Client Agreement

Rosen firm,

Upon reviewing your “LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION CLIENT AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT” I have the following questions;

a. Just to make sure that we are on the same page regarding the interpretation of the above quote; "that the information you are allow to “share with me, for $199 p/mo” must be within the context of NCGS chapter 50 sections 1 thru 100."
Please explain further, “…the limited factual information made available and are not intended as a conclusive response…”. Is this statement indicating that it is possible though I present a question/situation to the Firm, I may not receive an answer because the answer (Firm’s legal advice) would be outside of the “Limited Scope of Representation” or is not covered by the $199 p/mo fee agreement?

2. The cancellation policy within the sign-up area reads:[quote]Client agrees to provide written notice of cancellation of the Agreement at least 2 business days prior to the monthly due date for payment of services. Any other cancellation or termination will be effective on the following month’s due date and monthly fee payments will not be prorated. [/quote]
a. The cancellation policy on page reads: [quote]Our billing is handled by credit card. We’ll automatically bill you on the monthly anniversary date of your enrollment. You can cancel at any time with one easy click.[/quote] The later quote appears to indicate that I can cancel with one easy click online, while the previous statement appears to indicate that I need to cancel the agreement “in writing”. Please explain.

Thank you…

Here you go -

We’ll always try to give you an answer if we possibly can.

You can cancel with a click inside the service. It’s easy.

However, most importantly, the service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Try it. If you don’t like it let us issue a refund. It’s guaranteed.

Lee Rosen