Quick Question

I learned about this forum from a family member going through a divorce. Wondered if you would be able to help with a legal question? I received a speeding ticket in NC in 2008, since then have moved out of the state and no longer have a NC license. When I went to renue my license in my current state, I was unable to because I learned it is suspended in NC. When I spoke to the NC MVA, they said I recieved the ticket, then didnt go to court for it, so recievied a failure to appear on my record BUT I paid the ticket on time on the day the ticket was due. They said in order to have the FTA removed from my record and not have to pay the retribution fee of $100.00, I would have to come back to NC and go before a judge to have it exsponged from my record. Do you have any suggestions of how to avoid paying the retrubution fee since I paid my ticket on time and didnt go to court because I paid the ticket instead?

You need a traffic law attorney. Please go here to find one in the county where you received the ticket: