Quitclaim Deed


I bought out my ex on 4 pieces of property in Va. I am doing my own Quitclaim Deed (using a template bought online). The way we arrived at how much I paid for the properties was that we used the tax values of the land. As such, on the Quitclaim should I list this as what I paid for the land or should I use “Transferor, in consideration of Ten Dollars ($10.00) and other good and valuable consideration” standard type of verbiage? Also, in the “Acknowledgement” section of the document it lists “County” and “State.” What County and State should be listed here - where she signs this or the County and State where the land is??

Thanks so much.


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In NC the County and State where the land is situated should be listed on the Deed, and normally in a Quitclaim I only include language that states the deed is being transferred for “good and valuable consideration”.