REbutt her filing

My wife a year and a half ago filed for divorce. She also had me forced out of the house for fears of her safety. The claim she made was made up. My doctors as well as my pastor has seen no violence, and have made statement. My doctor and pastor has counseled my wife, and everything has to do with money. She went to the magistrate a year and a half ago and said I was suicidal. They came and took me to the hospital, and my doctor released me the following day. He seen no reason to hold me. When she filed her paperwork, she made several claims we can disproof. For one she said I wouldn’t pay any of her doctor bills in 2007; however, we have close to 6,000 I paid in 2007 documents. She said I closed out joint account it is still active. She said in 2004 because of financial stress and mismanagement of finances we filed for bankruptcy. We didn’t file she filed in 2004 all in her name. I have a copy of the bankruptcy. I have several other document “smoking guns”, but my lawyer doesn’t want to reply. He sent a response that just says deny, deny, deny, etc. However, I am afraid years later this might come back to bite me. The documents prove she has lied, and manipulated the system. Should I get another lawyer or is he right, but not responding. I think it is better to response if you can prove it.

If your wife is filing a divorce, then your lawyer is correct in his denial statements. You’re answering her allegations. If the allegations are false, the replying ‘deny’ means you deny the truth of the allegation. There is really no reason to attach documentation unless it goes to court and becomes an issue…then you’ll have your ‘deny’ back-up.

Your lawyer is actually SAVING you money by not producing more paperwork, copies and so forth.

In the initial answer and counterclaim it is customary to deny the allegations without giving the reason. It will give you more of an edge moving forward with the discovery process and eventually the trial.