Redoing child custody

My stbx husband and I have a custody order 50/50, although they spend most of nights with me because of school. My oldest son(10) is really getting upset by my stbx who was a control freak and hhis parents who make him feel ashamed and have told him so because he wanted a haircut like the other kids in school, a mohawk, I let him do this so he could get it out of his system. My stbx and his parents told him they would not take him out in public or even church unless he cut it off. He has been so upset that he literally throws up from all the worry. He said they told him they were embarassed by him. I can’t stand to see him go thru this. I confronted them, dad said his son was a liar, he wasn’t even there and grandparents admitted they said it. They jusst want him raised right. When did a hair cut becaome an instrument in abuse. They have alot of money and threatening to take them away. I receive no child support and can’t find a job.

If you have a permanent custody order, you must show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances for a judge to modify the order. I’m not sure that a disagreement about one haircut is enough to show a substantial change, but if the child’s father and grandparents are causing him mental distress, you should consider getting the child into counseling. Then, if you need to file for a modification, you may have evidence from a professional that the relationship is unhealthy and the current custody schedule is not in the child’s best interest.