Am I able to get an Attorney (Rosen Law) to represent me only for my Alimony Court date December 30th, 2013? If so, what is Rosen Law’s fee?

Summary: I represented myself in December of 2012 and it did not go well. I feel I may have a better chance at a reduced amount of Alimony if I have representation. Court apppearance is in Wake County, I work/reside in Columbia, SC and will be making the drive to NC for this court date.

Thank You
Raymond Stehlik

You should call one of the Rosen offices to discuss your case & find out.

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Please contact our office to set up a consultation. I cannot quote you a fee via this forum as we really need to have a full consultation to know what is involved in your case before quoting you a fee. If you want to have an in-person consultation, we can schedule one in our Charlotte office if that is more convenient for you.