Request for Birth Certificate - red flag?



I received a request from my ex for my daughter’s birth certificate. We have shared custody; I pay medical expenses and claim daughter as dependent on my taxes. She has every right to a copy of the BC so that’s not a problem - but I was just curious what kinds of things she might do with it? ie: Does this request raise any red flags for me? (She remarried last year so I am a little worried she is going to try to change daughter’s last name).

Thank you very much.


I have no idea what she wants the birth certificate for, but she cannot change your child’s last name without your parental rights being terminated in a court of law.


I’m no lawyer, but my concern would be that the Birth Certificate is being used to get a passport, and the child could soon be on their way out of the country without your consent.


Both parents signatures are required to obtain a passport.