Rescind sa


My stbx and i had ia SA that we drew up and had notrized. We split our funds 50.50, we were seperated for3 wks, we placed only our liquid cash back together, all other mutual funds… stay seperate… I walked away with 6figures in cash from our savings… my stbx says he does not have to pay spouse support because i had 6 figures. and he thinks alimony will start when we actually divorce… I told him no that what we have in savings does not come into my support. am i correct… I am a 100% dependent spouse… I do not think when we do seperate i should have to live off of my savings because he is not . he has that and income every week. bty
i put 95% of it in a CD for a year when I left. and have placed him as joint owner now. Married over 20yrs… dependant for 15 .


A dependant spouse is not expected to deplete their savings in order to support themselves.