Restraining Order - Child - Help


Below is my situation,appreciate if i could get an answer.Need help urgently

I currently have a restraining order against my spouse due to a domestic violence incident, As a consequence to the restraining order, I was given primary custody of my girl (6 years) and weekend visitation for her dad.Perm Custody has not yet been initialized. Both my spouse and I are citizens of Bangladesh but live in the US. My child was born here and is a US citizen but I gave up her US citizenship and sought Bangladeshi citizenship and passport. I now want to go back to my country with my child as I have no support here and am living with a friend. I need to know what would be the implications if I leave to my country with my child without informing her dad, Would there be any consequences in future that I should be aware off if I choose to retun back to the US with my child ?



You are under order to allow her father visitation on the weekends, leaving the county would make the order impossible, and would therefore be a violation.