Restraining order

This is the information I have if the order you received was a 50-C: It’s sort of long but hopefully it will answer the questions you have about it. I do not know if what you were served with was a 50-C but if not you can look up the definitions of any of the chapter 50 statutes on NC General Assembly web site.
The bottom line is this: There are other ways of you paying a court ordered debt. I suggest mailing a check certified. Why would you want to continually have contact with the ex anyway, unless there are children involved?

Chapter 50C.
Civil No Contact Orders.

What are the grounds for a restraining order and does the Court have to specifically list the grounds when ordering one party to “stay away” from another? I was ordered to stay away from the ex’s office for NO reason whatsoever. I went to his office to pay a Court Ordered debt and he went to Court and had me ordered to stay off the grounds of his office. I didn’t do anything except deliver the payment. Aren’t there specific grounds for a restraining order?