Restraint order

On the 10th of August I had a restraining order put into affect against me after being railroaded in court by my soon to be ex-wife, her lawyer and the judge.

I was not even able to clear my defense statement before I was told that I used hostile language towards my wife and that she was on edge as I spoke. By hostile my wife and the judge meant I yelled at my wife and kicked her door after being refused entry (twice) then leaving - I was put under a restraining order and put into a class for husbands who abuse their wives. I did not yell a threat towards my son or my wife and the door kick was out of frustration and not an attempt to get in as it was spun in court. We were arguing and when we disagree - we BOTH yell. I have no crimminal background in any of the 50 states of the US besides minor traffic offenses. Trul, my wife is still disgrunteled because I asked her to leave our residence in October of 2006 for infidelity.

My profession is in Application Support where I travel anywhere from 50-100 precent of the time. I have been unemployed since May and since 1993 I have done Application Support so this is what I will continue to do in order to support myself.

My questions are:

  1. Can a restraining order be dropped?
  2. Is there an appeal process?
  3. If I must take this class, can I select an approved program other than NOVA which requires that I not travel for 1 year and after 5 absences I go to jail for (yelling).