Return of property taken in error

While I was moving out spouse informed me i had taken glassware that belonged to her. I said i would return it when i got to that box. She is accusing me of stealing and threatening to call police if not returned within 48hrs. What is reasonable time to return items

Whether your actions constitute larceny or some other criminal action, is criminal in nature and this is a family law forum.

I think the better question is whether the police would charge you with a crime that concerns the marital division of assets. Why does she believe the glassware is her separate property? If you agree, why cannot you not find the box and return the glasses to her within 48 hours?

I know that separating is a trying time for most individuals, but the more amicably you are able to get through these types of encounters, the easier your ability to negotiate property settlement, child custody and support issues (if you have them), etc. will be.