Revised Alimony after divorce?

He would be wise to get his own lawyer. The other lawyer is working on her behlaf only. That should be quite evident by him having to pay alimony!


I have a co-worker that separated from his wife a year ago. He was desperate to move out and in order to save money, they shared a lawyer to draw up the separation agreement and he signed the agreement that SHE came up with moneywise. Long story short, he is paying a BUNCH of money monthly to her ($900+). They have NO kids at home…this is wholly alimony. His divorce is set to be settled this month. My friend wants to have the alimony taken away. They make the same amount of money and there are no kids to provide for. 401K money has already been divided. His lawyer said the alimony issue is separate from the divorce and will be settled at another time. Is this common? Can there be a move/order to discontinue alimony?