Right of Privacy

I live by myself in my husband’s house which is his separate property. He does not live with me in this house. He resides in his 96 yr old mother’s house 2 doors away.
I had a lock put on my interior bedroom door which husband does not share with me nor does he have a key for. I alone have the key to the locked bedroom door. First time I have ever lived alone, and in this area it is scary so I lock my door especially at night or if out and about, plus I have my kitties in this large bedroom and do not want them getting loose. Plus husband is not carrying house insurance and I have my valued electronics etc in my room. Husband is aware of my reasons.
To make a long story short, have discovered my bedroom door has been pried to gain entrance. Don’t know how successful it was. Alarms me.
NO appearance anywhere of a break-in to the main house. No one has a key other than my husband, myself, and my adult daughter. Daughter was with me on an outing and we both found the damage to the door upon our return…
ONLY Person who could have done this is my husband, though he unsurprisingly flatly denies this. When I told him about this, he said I cannot have a lock on my bedroom door that he does not have a key for (??). IS THIS TRUE??
(There have been ladies murdered in their places around here…)
This is not the first time for sure of him gaslighting me. He also snuck into my room, and took a photo of my room, and showed this to a woman friend. Says he needed it on his records (??)
I have not been given any keys to the garage, or where he stays at his mother’s. This man is UP to something, as always. HIs behavior is off the wall and scary to me, in his effort to break me down…STRESS and perhaps more on his mind.

Since the bedroom you are in has been designated for you, you would have an expectation of privacy in that bedroom and you can put a lock on the bedroom door. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you feel unsafe or threatened.

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Thank you for your response. SO, then would it be illegal for husband to pry open my door? Am wondering if I should have called the local police and have this on the record.