Right to contract explanation

I am drafting my SA and don’t understand what this paragraph is implying:

RIGHT TO CONTRACT. Both Husband and Wife shall have the right to
contract and to be fully contracted with, independently of the other, as fully and to all intents and
purposes as if they had never been married.

Does this refer to while we are separated or assumes after an absolute divorce? What kind of contract besides marriage would this be referencing?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh. I thought a general idea of what those words meant was easier to address than specific legal advice! I don’t need advice, just needed someone trained in this language to interpret. :wink:

You have explained verbiage before on this forum so I’m confused why this question was any different.

These were paragraphs in the Courthouse Confidential that Lee Rosen emailed. I just didn’t understand those particular “legal jargon” words. This isn’t my personal SA.