Rights for Disabled Vets wanting out of a broken marriage

Married 16 months ago - I am a disabled Vet and the house is in only her name from her first marriage. My name is not on any of her property, car, etc. Our marriage was a mistake - no love at all. I do all my own cooking, laundry and sleep in a separate room. The laws of NC will not let me move out without having to pay her bills, She has threatened to sue me if I do. She has a full time job - but has more bills than she can pay on her own and she will not downsize. I have tried several times. I know now that the only reason she wants to stay married is so that I can continue to pay her Two mortgages (her and her ex-husband did a second mortgage on this house that is only in her name now), new car loan, Elec, Cable, Cell etc. – I pay all bills and she spends her pay check on herself. We have no children together - I need help to know what my rights are to leave this sham of a marriage and move on with my life without having to continue paying all her outrageous bills. Any help will be greatly appreciated . Thank you

First, I certainly suggest you schedule a consultation with an attorney before you make any moves. Even if you don’t retain the attorney, you can often get good advice about what your rights and options are at the consultation. Second, I’m not sure what law you are talking about that doesn’t allow you to move out without paying her bills. Just based on the limited details you have shared, it doesn’t sound like she has a very strong alimony case (short term marriage, she has full time job, etc.).