Rosen's Help with a modification but

Before I spend the money for your online program I am seeking advice on if I have a strong case to seek modification first.

Current order from 2010, Joint legal custody, with Dad receiving more than standard visitation, Dad does all transportation. Modification in April 2013 to extend the pick up time, order the use of our family wizard, reimbursement from Dad for unpaid medical expenses, force compliance with NC child care laws and order the teachers and administrators be treated with respect.

Since June of 2013, Dad has constantly canceled all parenting time, showed up once at Christmas law enforcement told him to file a show cause if he felt I was in the wrong for saying our DS(3) could not go for the 9 days with someone he hadn’t seen in 6 months. No show cause was ever filed. Also July 2013 Dad quit job, canceling all insurance and refused to give me a certificate of eligibility leaving me $4000 in the hole for DS3’s medications.
Dad has just notified me that he is relocating to an “undisclosed location” OFW is due for renewal and he has not renewed, effectively canceling his account. Since 2010 Dad has never attended doctors, surgery and has only harassed the doctor’s office. When making decisions he has never done more than attempt to argue, then never makes a decision, leaving me to do it myself. Dad made recorded statement saying “I’m not doing more than I have to” when asked to take DS for needed antibiotic shot and continually would refuse to do such things, either threatening me with law enforcement if I forced the issue of him being picked up later, or Dad would just cancel parenting time.
Dad has gone AWOL once before on DS for nearly 4 months, this time it will be a year June 2014.

I would like to modify our order to sole legal custody and to suspend visitations until Dad chooses to be a parent again(If ever), at which time I’d like it to be graduated and for him to attend therapy with DS. But at this point, now and in the future Dad could pick our child up per the order and I feel it would shock our child terribly. I am also worried do to him stating on OFW that his relocation is to an “undisclosed location”. Considering his history, I do not trust that.

It sounds like you have a lot of changes that have occurred since the last court order was entered. Whether this is substantial enough to warrant a modification and whether these changes have adversely impacted the children, would need to be discussed based on the current order. You would be well served by having a consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss the full order and the changes that have occurred so that you are able to proceed with the motion to modify through Rosen Online with as much information as possible.

Thank You, I’ll be calling this week sometime for the consult and cost. Once I am done there then I will be using Rosen Online :slight_smile: