Selling items out of house

In ED, my bf got his house back but gave his ex til July to move so it did not disrupt his child’s schooling. So my question is is it legal for her to be selling stuff that belongs with the house for example the primary heat source in the home right now is a fire place insert ( wood burning stove) and it was with the house when he purchased the house in 2004. Neither him nor her purchased this. I don’t know if this matters or not but she hasn’t signed a quitclaim deed yet. That has to be done on or before July 5.

Thanks for all your help!

She shouldn’t sell items out of the house that aren’t her property. The wood burning stove should remain with the house unless it was given to her by other agreement.

So what options does he have, to me it seems like his attorney isn’t to worried abt it, she said they can file a motion which could take months for a judge to hear it. He wants to put a stop to it now but not sure if he can. What would your opinion be to do ?