Sep Agreement


On our memorandum separation agreement the attorney added another page that I did not see and I noticed this sentence after if was filed with the register of Deeds. Does this statement mean I am responsible for her home? I am not on her mortgage and am curious is she defaults will I be obligated to pay.

"In accordance with NC. GS 39-13.4, it is understood and agreed that both parties shall have full power and authority to purchase or convey real or personal property or any interest therein without the consent or joinder of the other except for such property as may on this date be owned by them jointly."to

This was on a separate page as line #3 that she signed and notorized and the other 2 line items were on the first page. I believe it could have fit on one page but was done purposely because I did not want to own the home with her. We sold our home and she purchased this home the same day. It was over one year after i left the home so we were living separate at the time.


You are not responsible for her home, in fact the provision you point to allows each of you to purchase property as if you were not married.