Separate properties


Hello,prior to marriage i had about 4 homes including my primary,my wife did not have her green card so we got married and now married for 6 years,she has always caused issues in the home since,I should have seen this coming,she has a job which she is now quiting to move to another state,without informing me about her plan,as it was discuss with all others except me, so my question is ,how does my investments and the primary are impacted in a divorce ? also will have to pay alimony ?


Depending upon the active methods you have used to maintain or increase the value of your separate property, (such as paying mortgages with marital earnings, making repairs with marital funds) you may have converted a portion of all of your separate houses into marital property. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss the values of these properties and the efforts made during the marriage to see what your exposure is.

You have not provided me with enough information to determine whether you have exposure to paying any alimony. Whether alimony is payable depends on whether your wife was a dependent spouse. Once that occurs, the court looks at 16 factors as well as her needs and your ability to pay to determine the amount of alimony.