Separation Agreement?


Just a question on my separation agreement. I live in NC and so did my ex and child. We did our separation agreement and divorce in NC in 2001. My ex moved back to Ontario a couple of year ago with the child (we are all Canadian citizens) My question is for child support, in our agreement it is stated the generic : child support until 18 or finish high school.
My ex has found that in Ontario they can continue getting CS until the child is completed college/University. She now wants to have a lawyer there draw up a change and send it to me.
I want to find out if I am required to accept this or if she would have to make a change here.
I plan to help my child out regardless but am not sure whether I have to go by the Ontario law if our agreement is here.


Based on the facts you have presented Canada does not have jurisdiction over the child support issue. Child Support is governed by the state in which the obligor spouse lives. If your ex wishes to change child support the action lies here presently unless Canada gains jurisdiction over your person according to their laws.