Separation - What Qualifies as proof?


In North Carolina there is such thing as filing for separation. In order to obtain your divorce you simply file your complaint and the required verification page. The verification page is executed before a notary public and acts as a sworn statement swearing that the facts alleged in the complaint are true and accurate.

Many counties have self serve centers and/ or


My wife and I have been separated for over a year now, and by that I mean living in different residences. We have both agreed that we will not get back together from the point that we started living in different places. We never filed for separation… How do we go about a no fault divorce now after it has been well over a year of actual separation? How can we prove our separation to the courts?

We also want to do this ourselves because we are both in agreement. We have physically been separated for over a year and now we are ready to get the divorce.

What steps can you outline for us that will cover the no fault do it yourself divorce, and how will we show the time that we have been separated?