Seperation & alimony


first lets deal with GODS law,(he shall love his wife as he loves the Church) let GOD deal with him, but legally he needs to be served with alimony and child support papers.(how big is his congregation). obtain a attorney so you can get support initiated immediatley


just some food for though, The bible says that he can not preach to people if he gets a divorce from his 1st wife.


So I guess the church committee will be searching for a new Pastor


My husband is a pastor in the city, married 21 years in feb to Pastor . June he started staying out all night, not bathing for days and moved in with a new couple in the church until weekends. October I caught him and the secretary 2:00am in my car, she was hiding in the front seat, in the back seat was all of his belongings. He has not returned, lives with couple free of charge. Bands me from the church threatens to call police attend.
We have(3 sons 13,18 school, 19 college) have had limited support from him 6 times purchased food, refusal to put gas, hotwater off several times, paid car notes on both vehicles in my name, taxes & insurance, 7 months not paid housing, homeless in 10 days. I worked only for 6 years with his dream of building a church .I do not work, we agreed come off my job in June 2005. He left and moved in with parishers. He has had documents falsified by parishers in the church and a seperated account established to hide money.He refuses to give support for gas, medicines,etc or for personal items, dry cleaning etc.He now works and gets income from church. He threatens to take my son (13). Am I entiled to alimony, what should I do?

Cheryl Frazier