Seperation over night male guest..can this become


I left a 14 year marriage that also had alot of Domestic violence involved. I’ve been seperated of almost a year now and my divorce is coming up in February with all of the final orders.

My X was charged and found guilty of child abuse…his visitations were supervised my a local organization call SCAN…until he became involved with a female employee…then the visitations were switched to being supervise by my father 2 times a month for 4 hour visitation that had to be in a public place. During the speration I became close friends with a male I had know for almost all his life…that also included his family…we all new eachother before but once I was married my contact with them and others were limited…part of the controlling my husband did.

Once we started going into court they decided that i couldnt have no over night male guest not related by blood or marriage…which was fine …then later as time went and court continued they decided that this male friend wasnt allowed at my resident…i didnt like it but agreed to it…then later back into court again they decided that the male friend isnt allowed around my kids at all…which I found totally crazy…my kids love him to death and miss him terribly…the order prevented us from having Christmas with certain family becasue this person is a family friend and some refused to have him leave.

My kids nd his realitive kids are best friend and have been for a while…now they are being kept from them …

My question is how can they allow my husband who was abusive to me and his own kids say who can and cant be around our kids…can the court make this a permenant order or can i do something about this.


You could ask the judge to reconsider his decision, but it would be best if you were represented by a lawyer. A lawyer would be best able to articulate your position in a way that conforms with statutory and case law.