Seperation problems


I am sorry to here that your wife has MS I have a friend who has it and man that can be bad on that person I know the shot he takes kicks his butt everytime.
She has left you this is called abandonment she has left you I do not know the laws in Tenn. Do you have children? If you do not want her back change the locks this I hope you done all ready because she is now the out spouse and she cannot come back unless you let her in you do let her back in you will lose the your home. She has all ready accused you of abuse so be very careful if you take her back in.
I know mine would love to come back and take over and for me to be in jail I know she would do this in less then a month I have been like that (abuse) to her but abuse gos not just by hitting but verbal as well mine was very good at that to me but she is out and I will not take her if you paided me to take her back.
Look into the laws a little and find out what you need to do next. Think do you really want her back? Tuff road out there and it is not easy either I went through it and I am sure that other has too but in time things will only get better for you trust me it will I feel great that she is gone now I just have to get this junk all behind me and have the children stay with me bad thing is it takes time the kids hate it and me too.
Good luck to you I hope that you get what you want out of this the road is hard and long but you get there.
Bye for now


I have not recieved ant reply that is useful and I really nee to get someone to tell me something. I do not want a divorce and I am not in favor of it. A person cannot help themselves if they have mental and physical problems. I just need to know what I can do and not break any laws.


Well if she has made these allegations about you then you should expect the law to look into it, I pretty sure if she has MS and all these other things that you mentioned then whereever shes at they will see theses things, The only way an organization will not contact you if they feel like she has been abused and if they feel that way somebody (police) will inform you that your wife is safe andthey will tell you of the allegations she has stated and someone will investigate. But believe this, No matter what illness she has, she got away from you for a reason.


Dear ravenhawkl:

Greetings. I am sorry, but I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you should speak with a civil attorney in the state you are in and a domestic attorney there also. Until she is a resident of North Carolina, she cannot file against you here. Thank you.

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My wife is 100% disabled due to MS hovever she has taken a car and went to NC there she checked in with the REACH OF HAYWOOD CO. and clamed to be an abuse victom. They are hiding her and are not aware of her medical condition. She has MS, Profuria, COPD, Hyshimotos syndrome, and as SSAD. I have tried to work through legal chanels but have hit a brick wall. It seems that all a woman has to do is clame abuse and she gets all the help she could want. There has never been any abuse in our home and I have never even been charged or accused of it. The local police (small town) just think this is another one of her little episodes. She has done this before, just not to this extreme. I am not even allowed to know where she is. Is there anything I can do through the courts to force a meeting in the presence of the proper athorities? I live in Tenn and here there are laws to allow such meetings.