You have my sympathy. I don’t know what possesses people to be so cold. My ex was beating me and drowning in a sea of vodka and can’t imagine why “I abandoned him”. I’ve lost everything but my life in this move–home, car, income, and family together (had to kick the older ones out of the nest–well, there is no nest now, anyway.) The ‘system’ has also abandoned me. I went to court last week (pro se) only to find out that while I could have divorce and custody, I can get $$$0000 for child support and no spousal support for twenty years as a sahm. Out of Florida’s jurisdiction, which the $500 paralegal who prepared my papers failed to mention. The judge even told me “you should have had a lawyer”. Well if you look on this site you’ll see that a lawyer would cost me six to ten grand. Might as well be six million when you’re on food stamps. You didn’t mention any children. I pray you haven’t got any. My son can’t understand why he can’t have any of the things other kids have. He has gotten to the point where he thanks me profusely for the smallest purchase (like a coke on the way home from school). The court gave me custody, which is kind of laughable. Why give custody to a person who can’t provide?


my sons are 21 and 23, and in just as much pain…we were all so close and had a wonderful life while they were growing up…Mid life Crisis is so serious…anyone interested in finding out more about it, go to It’s amazing the thousands of women and men who are hurting from there spouse. We are a Sisterhood there…and yes, we have some men who post on the general forum, but there are threads you can go to to post privately on the womans forum…We shall survive…

I thought I was going to get some legal advice here???

Hi I have a similar circumstance except my midlife crisis came at 30 anyway me and ex were married 7 yrs we had alot of real estate property that was rental property I worked in his business for 6 yr
I left the marriage and took nothing had no money except $100.00
less than 24 hrs after I left the home he had separation agreement papers drawn up giving me only $7500.00 and my car. needless to say I was very desperate because i needed the money to pay down on a place to rent so I signed it I was under tremendous amount of distress I was misdiagnosed less than a yr before we separated and was giving a total hysterectomy at 29 yrs old I totally lost touch with who I was They found out it was my back so I had a spinal fusion 4 months make a long story short I’m in court now trying to rescind separation agreement papers because of them being unconscioncable,duress,undue influence,I don’t know all I know It is very hard to do unless you can actually prove any of these I mentioned I know It is very exspensive I have spent $6000.00 and have not been to court but 1 hearing that was about 45 min. I have another court date June 8 i will let you know how it turns out

I thought an attorney was going to answer my questions

This is a “free” service given out of the kindness of their heart. They have paying clients and lives of their own that take priority. They will get around to answering when they get a chance and usually in order. If you need answers right away, go see a lawyer!!!

North Carolina
Separation papers signed in Sept Due to Mid life crisis and empty nest syndrome with H. did not notice that alimony was waived…Husband took family business and that left me with no income. Went on unemployment. finally found a job, butlis not enough for me to keep our home and make car payments. I am looking at opening my own business in 2 months.
I know a separation agreement is a binding agreement, but do I have any recourse here??? I was in the “fog” too when I signed the papers…in shock that this was happening. I am the victim here, and I know I screwed up by signing the papers, but this is so unfair. Ilost my usband, my family unit and now my home and vehicle??
Can I do anything if he issues the D papers? I was told that nothing could be done unless I could prove that I was crazy or something to that affect…Help me please