Service of summons and complaint

As a pro se plaintiff in North Carolina do I have to serve the defendants atty with summons and complaint like the defendant or do I just have to serve the person on the summons? and then I will just send the atty a copy in the regular mail. I have researched extensively and cannot see anything that says I have to serve the defendant and Also their atty with summons and complaint. Thank you…

If the attorney will accept service for the Defendant then you can serve the attorney. If the attorney won’t accept service then you can serve the Defendant directly.

I only want to serve the defendant. His atty is out of town and will be when I serve defendant next week also atty has limited office hours, so serving atty would be a pain in the neck. So I am assuming that serving the defendant only is fine? and then I will mail in regular mail a copy to the atty. Yes? Legal process of service in NC? Thank you for all your help!

You can serve the Defendant directly via certified mail. You don’t have to send a copy to the attorney, but you can if you’d like.