She cheated then I let her back


When one spouse cheats, if the other forgives, then the cheating spouse has been “forgiven” under the law. The legal term for such forgiveness is “condonation.” Condonation is a defense to adultery, so yes, if you forgave her adultery, then any cause of action based on the previous adultery will likely be unsuccessful. Keep in mind though, that if she committed adultery again after she moved back in that her actions could “revive” the past adultery, and thus it could possibly be “used against her.” That’s the best answer I can give you without knowing more facts.

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My wife of only 1 yr was cheating on me then I kicked her out then I allowed her back in my home. I have since got my head back on my shoulders and also have found emails of her talking some really strong trash. I can’t prove that she is doing anything now but I do know that she did before, it was with my best friend, and it would not surprise me her doing it again. What I am wanting to know is does me letting her back in my home, knock out my use of adultry againist her?