She is Milking the process


Im sure this has come up before. Wife is milking system. Still Doing heavy drugs, she pays no bills, coming in nightly after 3AM, no sex ,etc…I have asked them to leave But refuses to leave home, just milking the process since you can force a person out; In addition I just proved she is having an affair with letters and notes and whereabouts. QUESTION:what is the most expeditious legal process to get a person removed from a home for all the reasons mentioned above. If I leave I will STILL have to pay all bills. There has go to be a better way.


Not an attorney but I don’t think you can remove her. That’s what I was told by police officer, so I left.


Not a lawyer

Spend time reading about “divorce from bed and board.” That should do it.


Yes, you should consider filing a divorce from bed and board.