She is Stalling

I have paid the lawyer fee’s and all the retainers and now I am waiting on her to sign the seperation agreement. How can I hurry the process along so we can get past this and move on with our lives. Also the house we live belongs to my parents, is there anyway of evicting her out or something like that.

You can’t MAKE her sign anything, unfortunately.

Are you still living together? Is she not going to be the one who leaves the home?

If you want to retain the house since it’s your parents, you could file for interim distribution of property and ask that you receive the home since it is your parents. BUT you have to be SEPARATED first before you can file that request.

we are not seperated yet and she is living in the house but we have agreed that she is the one that is leaving but she is doing nothing but find excuses

Saying and doing are 2 different things.

Paying your lawyer won’t buy you a cup of coffee. Only court orders and signed and notarized separation agreements mean anything. Your attorney only helps you to those ends.

If she won’t leave you don’t have a lot of recourse.

If the house belongs to your parents. You can move out temporarily. Have your parents shut off the utilities (after giving her 30 days notice). Once she is out, change the locks and move back in (with your parents permission).