Signing divorce papers

I signed divorce papers several years ago and was under extreme stress and pressure to do so. My ex told me I could go to a lawyer but would not receive as much money and that if I pressed the issue he would have to sell our home and our children would not be happy about that and would have to do without. I trusted that he was telling me the truth and was afraid of him and did not want to hurt my two sons anymore than they had been hurt already. He told me he would buy me a house that would be mine never explaining the true facts of what was taking place.
He has now made me leave the house because I could not pay the mortgage but told me he would either give me the rent when he rented it out or the money when it was sold. I did not get half of what I should have and now am homeless, looking for a job that cannot be found and living with friends. He also disowned his youngest son who is now 21 and has told lies to everyone we know about me and my friends can confirm that along with my parents.
Is there anything I can do now or is it too late. I only want what is suppose to be mine and should have NEVER let him convince me to sign papers and take advantage of me like he did.
I look forward to hearing from you and if there are any lawyers in Charlotte, nc. that could give me a free consultation that you are aware of that would be helpful also if there is anything that I can do now to change things.

Thank you

What you can do depends on the terms of the agreement you signed. Your best option would be to sit with a lawyer, and go over the agreement with him. He would be best to help you determine your options after reviewing the agreement.