Sleepovers wile divorce is pending?

My friend’s wife left him over a year ago and has filed for divorce. He’s got a girlfriend that he met after his wife left, so I don’t think that there’s an issue with AA or CC. But i’m telling him he should not have her sleepover until the divorce is finalized, because i would think it could complicate mediation or negotiation or what a judge might think of this (since sleepover might imply adultery and i fear he would be penalized for even the appearance). Am I giving proper advice, or does it really not matter?

Sounds like good advice, better safe than sorry.

At a minimum his future ex could get really pissed off and become more difficult to deal with during mediation.

Yes, that is good advice. Regardless of the impact it may have on negotiations or the impressions by a judge, aultery is still a crime recognized by North Carolina.