Son working now and family vacation

so my son just started to work 2 jobs over this summer. He just turned 17. he lives with his mom and his younger brother 200 miles away from me, the non-custodial father. I get them per separation agreement every other weekend and for about 10 days in the summer for a vacation period.

i haven’t gotten my son since he started working as he would lose out on making money.

obviously me staying down there while he works would be an extremely expensive proposition for me as i would need to rent hotel etc which would be at least 200$ a weekend plus fuel for the trip.

i feel that he can just work and i will see him when perhaps he doesn’t have to work the whole weekend or if i am down in the area, which doesn’t happen very often.

the main issue is that i have a vacation coming up and would like him to go as he has in the past and this is the last year he will be a minor and “have” to go so to speak. he was against it at first as he would lose making money for buying a car- he wants a car bad. i said i would pay 1/2 of his normal income he would have made if he would work that time. He agreed. I just feel odd paying $150 (if say he is working 40 hours a week between the 2 jobs) for him to come on a vacation with us. It doesn’t seem right.

any thoughts on this?