Spoken agreement

Me and my wife are separated and soon to be divorced and we were doing it nice and easy. We had a spoken agreement on my visitation and on the amount of money I was paying straight to her for child support. We had an argument now she is saying that I can not see my children till the court says so when ever that might be. What I need advice on is should I still keep my word and pay or wait till the court says so? Will I look bad in court by stopping? Oh and will it help in court that I am born and raised in North Carolina and she is from new jersey lol

Take the money and put it in a special account until you get a court order. Then show the money was there for your child. The judge will be pissed at her for not allowing to to see your children. Hope you have canceled checks, etc.

Not an attorney, just a suggestion… She can say the money you were giving her was a ‘gift’. File an ex parte motion for custody on the basis that she is no longer allowing you to see your children. This will put a temporary order in place (which will possibly include child support), and you will likely go to mediation to discuss a visitation schedule. If you ask for 50/50 and you have been an involved parent, you will likely get 50/50.