Spousal Support during separation

We are separated and he is living with the other woman…There is no signed separation agreement at this point due to issues with mortgages on rental property. My husband is giving me NO money…the only money I have is from a tax return and a insurance policy that was cancelled. What do I need to do to get money from him and do I need to have a lawyer to do this. His excuse is that he has no extra money because any money that he is getting is being used to pay for untilities etc on the rental properties. I make less than 200.00 a week and he expects me to pay the bills from Our home because I am the one living here. He is the dependent spouse and adultery is reason for our separation!! He has bought HER a diamond ring, new car, living ON THE BEACH, all new furniture and appliances so explain to me why he as NO money…hello! UGH Thanks so much for you guidance.

You need to file an action for spousal support, equitable distribution, and attorney’s fees. I would suggest you consult with a lawyer in your area as soon as possible to create a plan of action.