Spousal Support for the husband?

About 2 seconds after we married I had buyers remorse. I knew I’d made a huge mistake but tried to work it out. 6 years down the road it’s over. I watched my aunt and mother get hosed during their divorces in the 70’s and 80’s and tried to keep myself in a position that if things didn’t work out, I’d be a-ok.

My husband and I because self-employed in separate businesses but under the same corporate umbrella at the same time. (I registered the corporation in my name alone and set him up as an LLC owned by my corp.) When we filed our tax returns, the first 5 years I claimed to be a housewife and all of the income was his. This way when we got loans they could be in his name and not reliant on my income which they wouldn’t count anyway because my FICO was so low. . (I’d had a bankruptcy–long story-but that was for his financial benefit too) The goal all along was to put us in a position to relieve some debt but still be able to buy a house. I really wasn’t planning consciously to put myself in such a good position, but subconsciously I guess I did. Last year I split the income down the middle. He frequently gets paid in cash, mine is all traceable.

So here’s the deal, I make triple what he does (claims to me he makes). Not because he’s incapable, but because he’s been catting around instead of working. He has no financial ambition. He’d rather give a customer a discount and borrow the shortfall from the wifey than tell a customer “no, I don’t work for cheap.”

I’ve paid all of our household bills and many of his credit card and medical bills the entire time we’ve been married. I don’t have pictures of him cheating on me but his phone records show daily calls to his ex-fiance for at least 5 months and a couple to a fetish specialty escort service. I have an email admitting he would go to her house, but not of an affair.

Does he have a snowballs chance of getting spousal support? After all he money he stole from me during our marriage, that would irritate me to no end.

Thanks in advance.

GOSH. I hate to say it, but it seems that your good intentions have and may slap you in the face. I know you wanted to do good. But given the situation, y (or most likely he) have set you/yourself up. You’ve been the ‘good wife’ and he’s slapping you. BIG TIME. I’m hoping that your generousity doesn’t put you in the disadvantage. He’s set you up to be the supporting spouse. Unless you can convince a judge to see otherwise, I believe you’ll be made to support your conniving STBX. I hate to see that.

You will need to dig up all the financial data you can to support your testimony that your ex is actually making enough cash on his own to support himself. Otherwise you could be on the hook for alimony based on the verifiable incomes. Your evidence relating to his alleged adultery can help, but you will want to flesh the evidence out. You may even want to consider hiring a PI to gather more evidence against him and bar his chances of receiving alimony at all.