Spouse supported through Dental School

I was married for 18 years, and during this time worked while my husband went though undergraduate and dental school. He signed an agreement to purchase a dental practice while we were married. Negotiations took over 3 years, we separated, then he signed the final agreement. We are now divorced, but ED and alimony is not settled. His income is considerably more now. Since the final agreement was not signed until after dos, do I have a case for breach of contract?

It sounds as though he acquired the practice right after you separated, but presumably with martial funds, giving you a martial interest in the practice. There is no breach of contract action as ED is pending in the courts and no separation agreement has been signed.

Marital funds were not used, his income was increased by over 300K per year to pay for the loan that was issued through the practice.

Marital funds were not used, his income was increased by over 300 K to pay the loan that was made through the owner of the practice.

In that event the business is not martial, but his new salary should be used to calculate alimony and should be more than enough to enable him to support you and allow you to maintain the standard of living you enjoyed during the marriage.