Since I separated from my STBX, he has hired a private investigator, had a GPS attached to my car, photographed me, audio taped me (all without my knowledge until now), he follows up on Wednesdays when I take my daughter to guitar lessons and goes where the lessons are to make sure that I was there with my daughter, asking when I got there, when I left and who came with me. Last night from what I was told, he arrived not five minutes after we left. I do not need to come face to face with him as this would NOT be a good thing, especially with my daughters present.

What are the laws regarding stalking in Union County? Is this enough to have him served with some type of stalking charge?? I’m sick and tired of being harrassed and constantly questioned regarding my whereabouts.

Thank you.


The stalking laws in Union Co would be the same as the laws for the entire state. I suggest you contact law enforcement to file a complaint.