Stopped Paying Child Support

Ex paid child support regularly for almost 10 years. Has not paid child support since Nov. 2010. Don’t feel I should have to hire an attorney to collect support. What are my options to collect support? Can it be done civilly rather than criminally? Child is very concerned with seeing their father in jail. Feel trapped in the middle but really need the support. Father says his business is going bankrupt but seems to have money to go out to dinner. Does bankruptcy protect from collection of back child support? Thanks!! I have really appreciated help and advise in the past.

I am not an attorney but my suggestion to you is to definetly get an attorney!! it will pay off in the end… I went without one and learned my lesson the hard way they can hide things and there is nothing you can do about it with out an attorney!

If you go through Child Support Enforcement, you will not need to hire an attorney on your own. They will advocate on your behalf at no cost. Also, child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings. You will need to file as a creditor to ensure your rights are protected. As far as what could happen if he refuses to pay child support after CSE gets involved, it is within the judge’s discretion, loss of license, jail time are possibilities for failure to pay support.