Stopping harassment


My spouse constantly calls the sheriffs department to claim I have taken something. I have not entered his property nor taken anything. Is there any legal means to stop a spouse from using the sheriffs department for harassment purposes?


You may be able to make a case for a domestic violence protective order based on harassment, but that may be a stretch depending upon the frequency of complaints and whether he is actually having contact with you. Your remedy may lie in a non-family law area of the law, such as bringing an action against him for bringing false claims. You should go to the magistrate in your county to discuss whether a criminal action can be filed.


My spouse has filed an Affirmative Defense and Answer denying almost every allegation in my Complaint For Alimony and ED. How should I reply. or should I wait for our day in court to show proof of my allegations?


You do not have to respond to his reply. He is just putting the court on notice of his response to your arguments.