Subpoena After Post Separation Date

If you have a ‘court ordered’ (?) separation date from over a year ago, then he cannot make a case for adultery since you didn’t know your BF or correspond with him prior to that date. However, if your STBX has any proof (or substantial circumstantial evidence) of you sleeping with this man from the time of separation until the date of the final divorce, then he can sue your partner for Criminal Conversation. So, protect you both and keep things above board. Do not let the BF sleep over at your place and do not sleep at his. ONce you get the paper you may do as you please, but until then keep things open. You only have a couple of weeks to go…

Technically any sexual relationship you have prior to divorce is adultery, which is still a crime in North Carolina. In reality it is no longer prosecuted, but that doesn

Last week ater 5 gruesome months battling in court to determine our separation date, I was finally granted the separation date of 1 Sept 07 after 15 months of marriage. Now, last month I met and began corresponding with a gentleman, in which this month has escalated toward to more of a personal level. However, my current husband has made a point to make this divorce even more painful and has continue to call and drive by my home to deter me from having any sort of male companionship. Even has approached my male companion in one occasion. Our court date for absolute divorce is scheduled for 12 Jan 09. Can he still accuse me of adultery and have my text messages subpoenaed from the last 4 weeks even if our separation is over a year?