Support from my Paycheck

It isn’t an embarrassment, HR people do this day in and day out. Ours is a common situation (I’m afraid). I don’t have money taken out of my check because I am self-employed, but I have to mail it in to Raleigh on-time each month. Those who are employed by a company must have the automatic deduction.

There is a voluntary support form on the internet at - listed under forms. I think it’s a voluntary support agreement or something like that. There’s a space your ex can fill out that details how payments are to be made. The child support office doesn’t care, as long as both parties agree. Good luck.

The companies I have applied to are fairly small and owned by families. I was worried that they will think that I didn’t want to voluntarily provide support and that the court had to “make” me pay support. I will look at the form and give this more thought. Thanks to all.

Yeah, I am thinking the same thing. The jobs I want are much bigger places people-wise. But I don’t want them thinking I am one of those Deadbeat Dads. Good to know that other poeple are facing this same thing. It is kinda embarrassing no matter what anybody thinks. Had no idea there was a form for this kind of thing! I want to say thanks to the people who answered too.

“Lord, help me to be the Man my sons think I am”

you can always go to the NC Child Support Enforcement website at

you can set up an account to have the amount automatically withdrawn from your checking account. they will deposit it into her account. this way your company isn’t involved and your ex can be sure the money is automatically being paid.

the great thing is that if she needs extra money for whatever reason (medical, school, etc.) you only need to go to the website and schedule a one-time payment. it is a God-send.

This is my first question so bare with me if it is too long. I agreed two years ago when we split up that that my ex-girlfriend could have the child support taken out of my paycheck through the child support collecting agency. Everything was fine with that and still is, we have had some problems with parenting and visitation but I don’t mind the child support going to our sons. Is there any way to STOP child support being taken from my paychecks, and I just pay her directly? If it is just a matter of her saying so to the agency then OK, I will ask my ex. But if it is a major hassle then I won’t even ask her about it. I am just now applying for some great jobs that I finally qualify for, and it would be embarrassing for me to have to get it all set up again, and have everybody in one of these small companies know about it. Thanks.