Temp. mediation agreement and poss. cs?

My xh and I have 3 daughters together. Our case is in granville county where we used to live and he still does. I currently live in chatham county with the girls and they attend school here. I am low income and have medicaid and ebt for us. We recently reached a 6 month agreement in mediation that the girls will continue to reside with me, have time with dad every other weekend, we equally split xmas and easter break, and have equal access to all schooling and medical records. We go back first of the year to sign the agreement. I do not plan to go for cs since I have medicaid and ebt for the girls, but I’ve heard the state will go after it themselves if they think its needed esp if the kids are receiving and govt assistance. Is that accurate? What happens? How will it affect my case? What should I do?

Per Federal regulations, county DSS must refer all Medicaid cases to Child Support Services in certain circumstances. The DHHS publishes a online manual that discusses the particulars about child support and public assistance cases, I would review the manual to see how your situation may be affected based on the support you are receiving.