Temporary Custody Order


My former mother in law had temporary custody of my son since 2001. She now has had a anomic brain injury. My son now lives with me but I am unable to get him enrolled in my school district, Because I dont have custody . Now niether lawyer who handled the case originally will respond to to calls. This matter never went to court agin. She was granted temp custody and that was that. I got custody of my son in a 50b from my wife then the temp order was done. Like I said it was done in 2001 this is now 2009 what do I need to do to get my son in school in the county I live in instead of driving 45 miles one way twice a day


You need to file a motion with the court to establish yourself as the primary custodian of your son.
To do this you will have to calendar a hearing for permanent custody and ensure that you sent notice to your ex and her mother. You will then need to present evidence of the chain of events that have lead up to the current situation.


Now being that I hav no money really can I do this myself ? And how do I do it. Her mother is confined to a nursing home who is getting ready to be put on life support because her health is falling at a rapid rate. I can do this if I have something to go by . Thanks for any help.


I never recommend proceeding on any custody action alone if it can be avoided. You should contact legal aid in your county and one of their attorneys should be able to help guide you through this process.


Me and my ex wife go to a mediation hearing on the 10th of March. The mediator says that we will be able top regain custody, since my former mother in law has a anomic brain injury that cant care for herself. So hopefully on the 11th I will be able to ebroll him in my county’s school . I understand this law but dont agree with it . There should be exceptions for enrollment in special circumstances.


I couldn’t agree more. I wish you the best in mediation.