Temporary separation financial agreement

my spouse and I entered a short term separation structured and mediated by our pastor. As the non-working spouse in a marriage of almost 4 decades, I was asked to prepare a monthly budget, which I did, which my spouse agreed to the terms of and would send me a check monthly during the separation. A week into the separation, I found that what I had requested was severely unrealistic, and that by trying to show my spouse that I was not trying to live wastefully, I was stuck. He refused to add any additional money, and also broke our verbal/written agreement made in front of our pastor by shorting me money the very first month. Is it true that if this separation becomes permanent that the faulty budget I made will become precedent to show my living expenses and would effect alimony or how much he would pay in a permanent separation?

No, the budget you made for settlement purposes is not even admissible in court.